Friday, September 12, 2014

Meet The Attendees: Charles Roundy of Palmyra, ME

Charles Roundy is coming to the MGS Annual Fall Conference tomorrow, September 13, 2014 and he is looking for long lost cousins...

Family lines that I (Charles) trace include

(1) one of the  many Maine Gould lines (ours from England, to Nova Scotia,  to New  Brunswick to Maine, original great-great grandparents coming from  Devonshire,  England to River John, Nova Scotia in about 1925); 

(2) a  McKeen  line from  Scotland, by way of Ireland, then New Hampshire, then to  central Nova Scotia  (Loyalists), then back to Maine (as a Mrs. Gould) in  1919 ; 

(3) two Roundy  lines,  the only two [known to have] to come to Maine early, from England to   Eastern Massachusetts (north of Boston) to Maine in 1764 to Blue Hill  (one of two first settlers there in 1764) and a related Roundy line,  also from same area of Massachusetts to Clinton - Benton area, starting in  1774 with an Abraham Roundy, and several brothers, cousin and family members  to follow to Clinton, Benton, Fairfield and area);

(4) a Shepherd line (with the "e" not the "a") about  which I know little,  except they were in Maine in the Bangor area in  early 20th century and moved to Massachusetts; and 

(5) a Cannon line, direct from Ireland to  Brewer, Maine in the 1800s, thence to Massachusetts.

If you have information that may be able to help, or want to compare notes, email Charles at or look for him at the Conference!