Monday, October 15, 2007

Flemish DNA and Ancestry

An email was received from Guido Deboeck announcing that a book on the above subject has just been released by Dokus Publishing in Arlington, Virginia.

This new book is about the history of three Flemish families over five centuries. The research for this book was based on conventional genealogy complimented with an innovative part on genetic genealogy. The conventional genealogy part shows how to find and document family history given the vast resources made available on the web and in Family History Centers. After an introduction to genetic genealogy this book includes concrete DNA results of several of the three family histories described in this book. It also discusses the deep ancestry of Flemish people, hence anyone with Belgian or Flemish roots can find out where their oldest ancestors came from. The scope of this book also includes elements of war, business and immigration history, which Professor van der Wee, a well known historian called "very informative, even fascinating".

You can preview or take a tour of this book at Copies of this book can be ordered via the order form on the above website or the form enclosed.

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