Saturday, January 19, 2008

The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine

WHO: The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine is an educational/historical/genealogical non-profit organization established to recognize and remember those who protected and defended the Northern boundary and Territorial integrity of the United States and State of Maine prior to the finalization of the 1783 Treaty of Paris. It’s Board of Directors include: Roxanne Munksgaard, Executive Director (Bangor, Maine); Roberta Williams, Chief Researcher & Genealogist (LaGrange, Maine); Daniel Walker, Northwest Territories Director, Genealogist & Publisher (Rhinelander, Wisconsin).

WHAT: The Aroostook Expeditionary/War Historic Trail - The Foundation will be working to obtain national recognition of the route used by the State of Maine representatives. The trail will begin at the rendezvous site in Lincoln -- for many of the Aroostook expeditionary militia companies -- and finish at the site of the Defensive Breastworks in T 10 R 5 (Masardis, Aroostook County). We are working with Congressman Michaud on an amendment to the National Historical Trails Act to include an Aroostook Expeditionary Trail. Our project is an enhancement of his Northern Maine Economic Development plans.

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