Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Announcing Maine Families in 1790, Volume 10

Volume 10 of the Maine Families in 1790 series is the biggest yet. Crammed with 750 genealogy-packed pages, this volume treats 205 new families located throughout the District of Maine. Consistent with the previous volumes, all of the families have been thoroughly researched and edited, and all facts are meticulously documented with full source citations. Conclusions drawn from circumstantial evidence, incomplete records, or conflicting sources are fully discussed within each family sketch.

With this volume the total number of families treated in the series is now 2,676 (or nearly 16%) of all families living in Maine in 1790). The usefulness of these books for genealogical research cannot be overstated. The
Maine Families in 1790 series is simply the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on families living in the state during the late-Colonial, Revolutionary War, Federalist, and early statehood periods of Maine's history.

Surnames of heads-of-household included in Volume 10 are:
Adams, Allen, Appleton, Austin, Bailey, Barton, Beard, Benjamin, Bennett, Berry, Blackwell, Blaisdell, Blish, Bonney, Boothby, Bosworth, Bowen, Bragg, Briggs, Brown, Came, Cammett, Campbell, Chapman, Clarke, Coolbroth, Conant, Cool, Crockett, Cummings, Cushman, Day, Deake, Delano, Delesdernier, Dexter, Dingley, Donnell, Drummond, Dunnell, Dyer, Eames, Elden, Emery, Eustis, Evans, Fenderson/Finlyason, Fish, Foster, Frink, Frost, Fuller, Getchell, Gibbs, Goodwin, Graffam, Gray, Green, Grinnell, Haley, Hamlin, Harnden, Harford/Hartford, Hathorn, Hayford, Haines/Haynes, Hilborn, Hoxie, Hussey, Jackson, Jennings, Jewell, Jordan, Kendall, Kimball, Kingsbury, Landers, Litchfield, Lord, Lovejoy, Lowell, Mains, Marston, Merrill, Milliken, Mills, Moore, Morse, Motherwell, Nurse/Nourse, Overlock, Paine, Parker, Partridge, Pelton, Perkins, Phinney, Pierce, Plummer, Preble, Pride, Rand, Reed, Ring, Robinson, Russ, Ryan, Sanford, Savage, Shaw, Sheldon, Skinner, Smith, Snell, Soule, Spaulding, Spring, Springer, Stackpole, Stinson, Sturtevant, Sylvester, Taylor, Thompson, Thwing, Tobey, Town(e), Trim, Tucker, Turner, Wade, Walker, Ware, Warren, White, Whitney, Whitten, Williams, Winter, Wyer, Young.

The Maine Genealogical Society has a limited number of volumes allocated to members at a reduced member price. Books may be preordered now. Expected February 2009.

Maine Families in 1790, Vol. 10. Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 58, xviii + 750 pp., 6"x9", every-name index, acid-free paper, Smyth sewn/case bound, $65.00 for MGS members, $75.00 for non-MGS members.

Order from Picton Press (on the web at

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