Saturday, November 21, 2009

Think DAR for Free Online Research

The Daughters of the American Revolution has added its Genealogical Research System to its website, providing free access to the public.

This addition offers a combination of several databases created in recent years to organize the large quantity of information that the DAR has collected since its inception in 1890. This system of databases will continue to expand as new information is added.
The Ancestor Database is not a comprehensive list of all individuals who served in the Revolutionary War - new patriots are added as they are proven through DAR membership applications.

The Member Database is limited in order to protect the privacy of the Society's members, but it is possible to search for basic information on a member's ancestor record.

The Descendants Database is an every-name index of the names found on the lineage page of DAR applications and supplementals (this database is currently still under construction).

This is a wonderful resource and it is free! To learn more about the various databases and to launch your search, visit

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