Friday, April 8, 2011

Member Searching for Joseph Leavitt

Here is one of my most stubborn brick walls. Figured I'd try it from a new angle. I actually have no Smiths as direct ancestors since it is such a rare name, but...My ggg-grandfather Joseph LEAVITT born 18 Oct 1782 probably Brentwood NH married Sarah McALLISTER as her third husband 29 Aug 1803 in Davistown (Montville), then Lincoln Co. Sarah was born about 1772 in Balltown, and married first Joseph SMITH 10 Oct 1790 in Balltown, 2 dau 1790 and 1794. He died 1794-1799 and she m2 Mr CLARK, one dau 1800.

I have found insufficient proof of Joseph Leavitt's ancestry. His parents might be Nehemiah Leavitt b 1738 Brentwood NH who died the same year Joseph was born. Wife Judith Roberts remarried and moved to Royalton VT. Anyway there are many Smiths around this Brentwood family, and in Waterboro where a cousin lived who came from Brentwood. That got me thinking, 200 years ago, WHY would a 20-yr-old Joseph Leavitt marry a 30-yr-old with 3 kids? HOW and WHY would they have met? Usually it was some sort of family introduction. Joseph Leavitt had no parents around. Was Joseph Smith some sort of cousin whose children he wanted to take care of?

So... my question now is: WHO is JOSEPH SMITH of Balltown/Jefferson 1790, and where did he come from? Is anybody sorting out the SMITH family of this area?

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