Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pejepscot Genealogy Society Meeting

The first fall meeting of the Pejepscot Genealogy Society will be held in
the Morrell Meeting Room of the Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine
on Sunday, September 11 at 2PM.

The speaker will be one of the Society members, Carol McCoy, Ph.D.
The title of her program is: “Using Tax Records in Genealogy—How
Taxes Can Be a Good Thing”.

Most of us dread April 15th, but old tax records provide valuable clues
to our ancestors’ lives. In the early days of America people were taxed
on their property, Collected taxes were used to repair and build roads,
to support the military and to provide revenue for many reasons. Learn
about the types of tax records that may be available, where to look for
them, and how they can help you solve genealogy problems.

Dr. McCoy is a Brunswick resident and President of Find-Your-Roots and
McCoy Consulting. She has been tracing her family history for 25 years.
Dr. McCoy enjoys solving mysteries, discovering solid evidence to prove
relationships, finding new family members for people, collecting
interesting details of ancestral lines and creating a readable and
interesting family history report for others.

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