Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freeman Family

Looking for informaion on a Jacob Freeman show name change in 1835 from Toothaker to Freeman. I show married to either a Mary Toothaker or a Mary Hodgkins and the father to Andrew Jackson Freeman. I am trying to trace lineage further back if I can and kind of drawing a blank wall at this stage. Jacob Freeman had his name changed from Toothaker to Freeman in 1835 and I have him married to Mary Hodgkins 23 Nov of that year.

Other relative would be James Smith married to Harriet B. Horton and I just can't trace back on the Smith male side of the family. I don't even have dates or places of birth, and death for these two individuals. Information I can obtain is very scimpy from this end. Being in Nevada and from Maine is quite a distance. My mother was Nellie L. and as I stated was a daughter of Harry. She married Everett W. Freeman in 1933.

need to have any information Helen Hansen married to Harrry Leslie Smith around 1926 Milo or that area had three children Margarite C. Smith, Leslie Smith and a third child it would be a daughter and would need date of birth, name and place of birth if available. My mother was a daughter of Harry and by a different marriage, these would be step sisters and step brother to her and my half nephew and half neices I think. Harry died in Milo in 1968 at age 91.

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