Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Query: ROBBINS, Jonathan

Jonathan ROBBINS b abt. 1740) lived on the Fox Islands (North Haven Island) pre-Revolutionary War. Per The History Of Vinalhaven he was from Dedham, MA. Is he the descendant of the William ROBBINS who lived in Walpole in 1638?

This Jonathan then had, presumably, a son "John" who married Eunice NUTTER on Vinalhaven in 1801, and their son Jonathan was born late 1801. He married Maria DOW.

Please help! Thank you,
P. Claus


Merrylyn Sawyer said...

I thought I had just read something about a Robbins, so I checked the book: The Maine Islands in Story and Legend, by Dorothy Simpson. On p. 165, the author writes of Granny Robbins, who once found a whale washed up on North Haven. She wanted it for herself, probably for the oil that would light her lantern all winter. She unraveled one of her wool stockings, wrapped it around the whale, and tied the other end to tree, to claim it at hers. She went home for help. Her father was John Newbury, one of the first settlers of the island and a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Hope this helps tie your ancestor back to another generation. No dates were provided, only the statement about the oil for the lantern. Oh, also, it said she had brought about a thousand babies into the world, so she was a midwife. Good luck in your search!

Merrylyn Sawyer said...

the only John Newbury I find in MA Soldiers and Sailors is: John Newbery, Private in Capt. James Webb's Co.at R.I. oh....but, here is a John Newbert, Waldoborough. List dated Pownalborough, 20 Aug. 1778, of men raised in Lincoln Co. to march to Providence to reinforce Col.Wade's and Col. Jacob's regts. ....residence, Waldoborough.