Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Maine Genealogist - May 2009

The May issue of The Maine Genealogist is hitting our members' mailboxes now.

Our quarterly publication once again contains some insightful articles. Editor Joseph C. Anderson II, FASG, writes:

Deciding when to publish can be a difficult decision for genealogists. We may have uncovered a wealth of valuable information on the family under inquiry, but are reluctant to release it to others while unanswered questions remain. Or we may think there is always more research to do and we don't want to risk publishing incomplete or erroneous information. The problem, of course, is waiting too long.

Publishing our work should not necessarily be viewed as the last stop in the research process. If we are stuck on a problem or if we have made an error in our conclusions, making our research available to others may turn out to be the conduit for locating persons with the solution to the problem. Several of the articles in this issue demonstrate how that process may occur.
A look at the Table of Contents shows the following:

The First Family of Dr. Jonah Spaulding of Franklin and Somerset Counties, Maine by Linda Longley

The Death of "Mountain Mack" McKenney contributed by Leslie Dow Sanders

Children Without Parents: A Puzzling Entry in the Wells, Maine, Town Records by Priscilla Eaton, CG

Emerging from the Shadows: The Surprising Case of Elisha Thing of Waterboro, Maine by Joseph C. Anderson II, FASG

Bigamist Riverius Hooker and His Three Families, First Husband of Mehitable Baker of Pownalborough, Maine by Glenn D. Nasman

The Family of Captain John Bourne of Wells and Kennebunk, Maine: Ships and Shipwrights (concluded) by Priscilla Eaton, CG

Portland, Maine, Marriage Intentions: Volume 4, 1814-1837 (continued), copied by Joseph C. Anderson II, FASG

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