Friday, July 24, 2009

Diaries of Robert Murphy Fulton

Here's an interesting web spot you should take a peek at. We heard from Sheila Antworth Lafferty that she had posted the diaries of Robert Murphy Fulton of Mars Hills online, and we were impressed with this sharing of a personal history.

The diaries were transcribed by great-great-grandson Rodney Lee Fulton, and posted online by great-great-granddaughter Sheila Antworth Lafferty. Eight diaries are known to exist spanning the years 1886 - 1897. Some of the surnames mentioned include Bell, Glidden, Hutchinson, Fulton, Giberson, Larrabee, Lindsay, Hawksley, Bartley, Blackden, Rideout, Hallett and Rudlett. Visitors to the site can search easily search by keyword.

In addition to the transcribed diaries, Sheila has augmented with biographical information, obituaries and photographs. She says that is where you can help - she is looking for photographs of individuals mentioned in the diaries to help enhance the site (scanned copies are fine).

What a labor of love and a great way to honor an ancestor! And an impressive job by Sheila. Well worth the journey over to

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