Friday, August 28, 2009

Vital Records of Norridgewock, Maine

Have you picked up your copy of Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication #57? Vital Records of Norridgewock, Maine has been compiled by Marlene A. Groves.

The town of Norridgewock is located in Somerset County on the Kennebec River and lies west of Skowhegan, the county seat. Norridgewock was incorporated on June 18, 1788 as the 54th town and was originally the county seat when Somerset County was incorporated in 1809 before it moved to Skowhegan in 1871. The area was once the territory of the Norridgewock Native Americans, a band of the Abenaki nation, for whom the town was named. Their village was located in the region called Old Point, which is now part of Madison.

There is an early volume of records containing town meeting records along with births, deaths and marriages for which a typescript was made years ago but no indication by whom or when. The town clerk indicates that this original volume stops at page 48 although the typescript contains additional pages. Even though the town was incorporated in 1788, there are earlier events recorded as early as 1774.

448 pages, 13, 124 entry Every Name Index. 2008.

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