Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Epitaph of Note

With our cemeteries currently coated in a blanket of snow, cemetery hopping and research is a few months away for many of us. To fill the void, here is a gravestone that Janice Gower brought to my attention last summer which includes a lengthy epitaph full of genealogical and historical information.

The stone, located in the Raymond Hill Cemetery, is for Samuel Jordan who died October 11, 1850.

Mr. J. was the first lawful male child
Born in the town of Raymond and in
Early life entered upon an uncleared
Lot of land in the easterly corner
Of that town. Cleared away the forest
And built the buildings in which he
Lived and died. He was a great grandson
Of John Jordan of Cape Elizabeth
Who was a descendant of Rev. Robert
Jordan an English Presbyterian
Minister when emigrated to and first
Settled upon Richmonds Islands off
From Cape Elizabeth in the year 160.

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