Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update: Maine Vital Records Fees

Most genealogists have heard about the recent increase in fees for obtaining a certified copy of a vital record (birth / marriage / death). The Maine State Office of Vital Records is now receiving $60.00 per copy.

LD 1648 (proposed legislative bill) has been submitted this session as an emergency bill that would require these fees to be changed back to what they were in September of 2009. It is felt by some that the new fees are inappropriate.

If you support this bill, you should contact your State Senators and Representatives to let them know your thoughts.

Also a reminder, these fees are only for copies being obtained from the State Office of Vital Records. We encourage genealogists to check with the town where these events occurred as the recent fee increase is only at the State level. The locally obtained copy may have a substantially lower cost.

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