Friday, February 18, 2011

Greater Portland Chapter of MGS Cumberland County Deeds Project

At the March 8, 2008 meeting of the Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society, President Carol McCoy suggested the chapter work on indexing the Cumberland County Deeds covering the years 1760 to 1796. The membership approved her idea, and voted to start work on this major project. In February, 2011, the purpose of the project was redefined.

The results so far . . . Even though we are not finished with the project, you may have access to the information we have collected so far. You may download the information in Excel or .pfd format here. The data is listed alphabetically by grantor or by grantee. If you download the Excel file, you can sort as you like, but you must have Excel software to open it. So check it out at

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