Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Native American Blog

Nancy Lecompte writes to introduce her new Research Journal Blog titled Gwilodwôgan.

The word refers to exploration or investigation in the Western Abenaki dialect.

She will be exploring what is known about families with potential Native American heritage in the Northeast, one family at a time. It is her hope the blog will serve as a teaching tool for any beginning researcher, a resource for descendants, and a journal of what is known, what is still left to learn, what is incorrect (and why), and what her conclusions are (and why) for each family examined.

She will begin with Edward Marden (also Mardin), c1751-1835 of Lyman, NH, who is said to have an "Indian" wife. His grandchildren are scattered all over the Northeast (ME, NH, VT, Quebec, MA).

The next family she will examine is that of a woman named Marleah Kanistaux of Stockton, NY, who is said to be the granddaughter of Metallic. Metallic was a rather famous Abenaki man known in western Maine and northern New Hampshire. He died in Stewartstown, NH in 1845 at an age well over 100 years.

She will be looking for another family to work on this summer. If you have an interesting "Indian" puzzle, write and share it.

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