Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Vendor for the Fall Conference - Creative Memories

You've spent countless hours researching your family history. Let Creative Memories help you celebrate and share the stories you have uncovered. Cheryl Freye will help you with organization of printed materials, scanned images, and digital photographs. She will help you share your stories with family members using digital Story Books that will last for generations. I will help you preserve your original images in photo-safe albums. She will work with you to find a solution that works for you.

In addition to preserving the stories you have uncovered about your ancestors, take the time now to record the special memories of today that you are creating with your family and friends. This will be the legacy you leave to future generations. I will help you combine your photos and stories to create a truly memorable keepsake. Your photos will not become strangers in a box for someone in the future. They will be alive with the stories of your life. They will be treasured as one of your family's most precious keepsakes. I am here to help you every step of the way. You won't go home with a product and wonder what to do next. Cheryl also teaches people all over the country through personal webinars.

Cheryl would love to talk with you about how she can help you find a solution for all your memory preservation needs. Visit with her during the MGS Fall Conference at the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor on September 24th. For more information on the fall conference go to

Creative Memories uses the ISO 18902 standard on its packaging to make clear to customers that the product meets or exceeds photo safety specifications. ISO 18902 is more than just a part of our packaging. It represents our commitment to providing information, products and customer service to ensure that your memories will be preserved for future generations. We are the only album manufacturer that we know of that complies with ISO 18902 – the industry’s gold standard for photo-safe album-making supplies. So when you see ISO 18902 on one our products, you can be assured you are getting the best possible photo-safe products. Even better, you’ll know that your albums will safely preserve the weddings, the parties, the rain showers, the messes, and the tears that make up life.

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