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Help Needed in Finding Information on Men at Fort Kent in 1840

With the passage of HP 1177 in the last session of the Maine Legislature, trying to identify the members of the various possees and companies has begun. One of the most difficult was to identify the 17 males listed on the 1840 census but not names who were residing at what would become Fort Kent. Now that we have the names, I would like to be able to place them in families. According to a report submitted by George W. Towle to Rufus McIntire (Land Agent for Maine) the following men were at Fort Kent on July 26, 1840:

Name, Employment, Home
Geo H Huston, Guard, Bristol
Chls H. Ellis, Guard, Waterville
Jeremiah McGee, Farming, not given
John Courmier, Farming, not given
Joseph Weizen[Wizen], Farming, Canada
James Peck, Farming, Bangor
B. F. Thurston, Farming, Bangor
Benj. Huff, Farming, not given
James Spaulding, Farming, St. Albans
Daniel Prescott, Cook, not given
Gilman P. Foss, Teamster, Bangor
John Low Jr, stoning wells, Dixmont
H[enry] S. Howe, Blacksmith, Bangor
Moses Rines, Teamster/Stock, Orono/Ft Kent
C. S. Glidden, Overseer, St. Albans
James Hafford, down Green river, St Francis
Azor Baker, Clerk/Commissary, New Gloucester
Henry S Mason, not Given, not given
Miles Emery, not given, St. Francis
Jeremiah Mayo, not given, Athens
John Conway, not given, Madawaska
Benjamin Kraft, not given, Hartland

Note Glidden, Emery and Huston, in a deposition, stated they had arrived at that location the prior October, last and remained until the 25th of July when the report was made.

Any information that can be shared as to either ancestors or descendants as well as the particulars-birth, death, spouses etc. of these men would be greatly appreciated as a data base is being compiled to assist in identifying all those entitled to recognition for the protection of the Northeastern Frontier & should be acknowledged. thanks.

Bertie Williams, Researcher
(email) obnn9119@yahoo.com
The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine
Proudly Affliated with the Maine Genealogy Society

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