Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why or Why Don't You Attend A Conference?

Last Saturday September 24th Maine Genealogical Society held a day long conference in Bangor, ME. We had a good turnout, it wasn't exceptional but the numbers were good. The evaluations came back and seemed like the attendees and even the vendors were happy that day. But still when you work hard all year in the background to put on one of these conferences it still makes you wonder why more people didn't come.

Was it the speakers? The location? The topics? Or was it due to the economy? Another thought came to mind was it due to the fact more and more people are doing their genealogy online. After all more and more information is out there on subscription sites or for free. You can even learn more about genealogy with videos on various sites such as YouTube, Scribd, etc.

So I am asking our readers to send me their thoughts. I would really like to know and I would like to share what I find with my fellow conference committee members. I am not trying to brag but we do work hard for you our fellow genealogists, and by giving us your thoughts and comments we can only make it better. So how about it?

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