Saturday, June 7, 2008

Catholic Cemetery Online Databases

Great news for those researching Catholic ancestry thanks to some devoted individuals undertaking this extensive project!

Catholic cemetery managers in the Portland Diocese have long realized an increased interest in genealogy as well as an increase in family or friends trying to locate a long lost loved one.

In an effort to make your search easier and more convenient, the Maine Catholic Cemetery Committee, with the support of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, has developed this user friendly database to assist in your search.

There are 65 Catholic cemeteries in the diocese, and it will take time before all recorded burials in our cemeteries are converted to electronic files so they can be made available to you. This is the information that is currently available. Additions and updates will be ongoing so please be patient and check their site again and again.

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Linda O said...

I found Thomas Stapleton (1816-) in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Bangor. The index listing provided by the committee says xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Does anyone know what that means? I have not been able to find any records on this man's (my gx2 grandfather) death. Is it likely that the church would have more information than what shows in the index? Any help would be appreciated as I have been hunting for him for a long time. Note: I did find all related people in the cemetery as well and their info was complete. Thank you.