Friday, June 6, 2008

Dennison/Denison Family of Cutler, Maine

MGS Member Brent Owen is seeking location of and contact for genealogical records of Arlene Dennison in connection with research on John Denison, d. poss. Machias or East Machias, Dec. 1810, and his children.

His email is


Anonymous said...

According to what I have:

John Dennison (1765-1810) m. Mercy Michener (1766-1820) and had Samuel (1791-1876) who married Mary "Polly" McGuire (b. June 24, 1792 at Plantation No.8 Eastport,Me.) both died in Cutler, Me.
John died in Machias at 45 years.

Following is a deed copy found online: "Know all men by these presents that I John Drew of Machias in the County of Washington Shipwright in consideration of Fifty dollars paid by John Denison of said Machias the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, do give, grant, sell and convey unto the said John Denison his heirs and asigns forever, two hundred acres of land in the Township number twelve in said County commonly called Orange Town (??) as the same may hereafter laid out. To have and to hold the aforegranted permits to the said John Denison his heirs and asigns to his and their xxxxx forever--And I do covenant with the said John Denison his heirs and asigns that I am lawfully seized in xxxx of the aforegranted premises that they are free of all incumbances, that I have good rights to sell and xxxx the same to the said John Denison his heirs and asigns and that I will warrant and defend the same premises to the said John Denison forever against the lawful caims and demands of all persons. In witness whereof the said John Drew have hereunto in my hand and seal this twenty second day of March in the uear of our lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight signed sealed and delivered in the presense of us Stephen Jones Sarah Jones and John Drew (a seal) Washington March 22 1798. then the above named John Drew acknowledges the above instrument to be his xxx act and deed before me. Stephen Jones Justice of the Peace."

Attached to the above was this:
I received the following from the Registry of Deeds in Washington County:


I looked at the deed and I would agree with you that is says Orange Town.
Orange Town is now Whiting. I checked with the town office in Whiting and
they didn't know why it was called Orange Town years ago.

If we can of further assistance, please let us know.

Sharon D. Strout, Register

Samuel married Polly in Machias Nov 24, 1809 when she was 18. In 1821 he bought land near one of her relations at Plantation No.11

They had at least two children: David (1825-1913) and Samuel (1835-1903) which leaves plenty of empty years for other children.

Another Deed copy found online for Sam and Polly is: Know all men by these presents that we John Coffin Johes, Ebenezer Oliver & Jacob Field all of Boston in the County of Suffolk & Commonwealth of Massachusetts & Samuel Stinson of Newton in the county of Middlesex & Commonwealth aforesaid in consideration of two hundred & fifty dollars paid by Samuel Dennison of Plantation No Eleven in the county of Washington & State of Maine the receipt wherof we do hereby acknowledge, do hereby give, grant, sell & convey unto the said Dennison a certain lot of land in said Plantation bounded as follows vis: beginning at the Northwest corner of Nathaniel McGuire lot & running north ten degrees west fifty rods, thence south ten degrees east fifty rods then west ten degress south thence hundred & twenty rods to the place of begining. To have & to hold the aforegranted premises to the said Samuel Dennison his heirs & assigns to his & their use & behoof forever. And we do covenant with the said Samuel Dennison his heirs and assigns that we are lawfully seized in for of aforegranted premises that they are free of all incumbrances and we have good right to sell & convey the same to the said Samuel Dennison and that we will warrant & defend the same premises.......

I hope this is of help.
Great website!

Thanks -Kevin G.
PS: I will check back here if any future contact is desired.

Julia Lane said...

hello- I have been doing research about the Scots Irish aka Ulster Scots/ Northern Irish in Maine. There was a large immigration esp to Trescott in the early 19th century. These Protestant people were known as Orangemen. My deduction is that Whiting originally had a group settle there and became known as Orange Town. Please contact me if you have any ideas regarding this.