Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Here Rests in Honored Glory" features Maine soldier

Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon of Lincoln, Maine, the Delta Force sniper who gave his life to save Michael Durant when Durant's Black Hawk helicopter was shot down over Mogadishu, Somalia, dreamed of writing writing children's stories and was devoted to his wife and two kids.

Author Andrew DeKever, a U.S. Army major who has published a book of Medal of Honor recipient biographies, entitled "Here Rests in Honored Glory" writes that one of those featured is Gary Gordon of Lincoln, who received the Medal posthumously for his service in Somalia.

From the preface of the book:
"Gary Gordon's selfless actions and personal sacrifice, the sacrifice of each of the heroes chronicled in this work, and the sacrifices of countless others throughout our nation's history, can never be repaid, only honored. In researching each of these heroes and capturing the details of each of their lives, Andrew has done just that. I now understand not just what Gary Gordon did, but who he was. I can appreciate what drove him to serve in the Special Forces units he volunteered for and what drove him without hesitation to sacrifice his life for my crew. Through this work, Andrew has honored Gary and all of these men, their families, and their comrades. By helping us all understand the people behind these incredible stories, he's done this nation a great service."
—Michael J. Durant Chief Warrant Officer 4, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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Note: All of the author's royalties from this book will be donated to Chapter 23 of the Disabled American Veterans in Michigan City, Indiana, which is named in the honor of Daniel Bruce.

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